Packages by trentm

  • trentm-git A node.js library for git (a fork to publish some fixes to npm)
  • expiring-lru-cache Expiring LRU cache
  • jsontool a 'json' command for massaging JSON on the command line
  • cmdln helper lib for creating CLI tools with subcommands; think `git`, `svn`, `zfs`
  • stuff HTTPS static file server using LDAP auth
  • trentm-dtrace-provider Native DTrace providers for node.js applications (trentm fork of this)
  • nodedoc a fledgling perldoc for node (e.g. `nodedoc fs`, `nodedoc exec`)
  • smartdc-auth SmartDataCenter Authentication Library
  • cut-a-release a (Python) command to cut a release of your project, following some conventions
  • csvrow parse a CSV row string
  • sdc coming...
  • smartdc Client SDK and CLI for the Joyent SmartDataCenter API
  • trentm-hashlib lib for node which makes hashes (a fork to publish some fixes to npm)
  • ruhroh helper lib to create the Error classes for restify-based API services
  • bunyan a JSON Logger library for node.js services
  • ldapauth Authenticate against an LDAP server
  • pessimist Light-weight fork of 'optimist' for option parsing.
  • trentm-datetime Date and time formatting (a fork to publish fixes to npm)
  • dashdash A light, featureful and explicit option parsing library.
  • ansidiff ANSI colored text diffs
  • and 1 more
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