Packages by uggedal

  • stay-or-go Determine if an anchor click was intended for staying on the current site
  • click Simulate mouse events
  • exifier Transform stream which reads generic image filenames and writes filenames with EXIF creation dates
  • Awesome S3 backed picture backup and browser
  • exifdate Parse EXIF dates to Date
  • s3ls Readable stream of object keys in a S3 bucket
  • s3signer Transform stream which reads S3 object keys and writes presigned S3 urls
  • extractif Extract EXIF data using exif from libexif
  • partdir Convert a filename to a partitioned directory and filename
  • recurse Takes a root dir and recursively streams paths
  • destroy No build step for browser code
  • deepnotify Takes a root dir and recursively streams present and future files
  • s3ify Writable stream which takes paths and uploads them to S3
  • jsons Transform stream for parsing and stringifying JSON
  • s3tree Hierarchical object listing on S3
  • thumbs Transform stream which reads files, creates thumbnails of them, and writes their filenames
  • exify Convert generic image filenames to filenames with EXIF creation dates
  • reru Stupidly simple regular expression pushState router
  • testfs Easily create files under a prefix for testing fs modules
  • uniqf Make a file name unique by appending a cryptographic hash
  • and 1 more
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