Packages by vvo

  • chainit Turn an asynchronous JavaScript api into an asynchronous chainable JavaScript api.
  • concat-files Concatenate files asynchronously
  • forkie forkie likes your forks
  • in-viewport Get a callback when an element enters the viewport (body) or a custom viewport
  • listening Check if a server is listening on the given params
  • locky User / resource locking system.
  • mocha-browse Launch headless browsers on any mocha tests webpage, get results in console
  • node-taskman node-taskman is a node.js implementation of taskman worker. Taskman is a worker system that can be piloted directly in redis.
  • npm-pkgr Cache `npm install` results by hashing dependencies
  • npm-test-pre-push Install a git pre-push hook launching `npm test`
  • primus-locky Primus locky is a primus plugin for locky, it provides a room based locking.
  • selenium-runner Run a [{url+JSTest}, ..] combo in selenium grid, in parallel, in multiple browsers
  • selenium-standalone installs a `start-selenium` command line to start a standalone selenium server with chrome-driver
  • singleton-worker [![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/vvo/singleton-worker.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/vvo/singleton-worker) [![Dependency Status](https://david-dm.org/vvo/singleton-worker.svg?theme=shields.io)](https://david-dm.org/vvo/singleton-worker) [
  • statsd-profiler It's a `node-statsd` library for people for whom clean code is important.
  • testswarm-launcher Launch testswarm tests from a JSON config file.
  • webdriverjs A nodejs bindings implementation for selenium 2.0/webdriver
  • webdriverjs-angular Webdriverjs lib compatible with angular.js apps
  • whereis Which/Whereis easy helper, find if a program exists
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