Packages by andris

  • statbot Create bots to gather statistics about web links
  • pem Create private keys and certificates with node.js
  • cipherstream Simple Stream layer for encryption/decryption
  • hoodiecrow Scriptable IMAP mock server for testing purposes
  • mimelib MIME functions to encode/decode e-mails etc.
  • node-gettext Gettext client for Node.js to use .mo files for I18N
  • node-gd libgd C++ bindings for Node.js
  • mimelib-noiconv MIME functions to encode/decode e-mails etc.
  • inbox This is a work in progress IMAP client for node.js.
  • node-gearman Simple Gearman client/worker module for Node.JS
  • torfetch Fetch URL contents from the TOR network
  • imap-handler Parses IMAP commands
  • addressparser Parse e-mail addresses
  • tempfiles Periodically remove old files from a directory
  • mailuploader Parse raw e-mail contents and upload as a POST request
  • rai Request-Answer-Interface for generating text based command servers (SMTP, POP etc)
  • sanitize-worker Gearman worker for sanitizing HTML
  • mailcomposer Compose E-Mail messages
  • ariregister Dekodeeri √§riregistri captcha
  • documentor-worker Documentation parsing worker for Gearman
  • and 35 more
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