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  • appy Bootstrap a typical Express 3.0 app with even less fuss than usual. Makes a bunch of bold assumptions that may or may not suit you.
  • apostrophe-redirects Allows admins to create redirects within an Apostrophe site
  • apostrophe-editor-2 A new content area editor for Apostrophe. Integrates ckeditor and allows the option of using other rich text editors. Alternative content area editors can also be created following the same interface.
  • apostrophe-ui-2 Styles required for the new editor and other pre-release improvements to A2's interface. Eventually this will merge into the apostrophe module.
  • apostrophe-site Create sites powered by the Apostrophe 2 CMS with a minimum of boilerplate code
  • esindexdump command line tool to dump elasticsearch indexes
  • apostrophe-schemas Schemas for easy editing of properties in Apostrophe objects
  • n0d3-w2h-monitor An n0d3 plugin to monitor way to health
  • n0d3 A robot library
  • joinr Joins related documents efficiently with MongoDB and compatible databases
  • hedge Basic access authentication (basic auth) middleware
  • rut Routing middleware for stack
  • pile A parallel middleware handler for use in concert with stack
  • pairtree A Pairtree library
  • apostrophe-snippets Reusable content snippets for the Apostrophe content management system. The blog and events modules are built on this foundation, which is also useful in and of itself.
  • unimate A robot
  • apostrophe-twitter Adds a Twitter feed widget to Apostrophe's rich content editor
  • apostrophe-fancy-page A superclass for modules that enhance "regular pages" in the Apostrophe CMS with custom page settings, loader functions, dispatcher, etc.
  • es API around the ElasticSearch RESTful API -- mostly convenience.
  • snout Snout sniffs out a directory
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