Packages by michaelnisi

  • blake Simple, blog aware infrastructure to generate static sites
  • cop Filter stream of objects
  • fanboy use iTunes search API
  • gitgo the stupid git wrapper
  • gitpull git pull on directory
  • lino split stream into line sized chunks
  • manger cache feeds
  • pickup transform RSS or Atom XML to JSON
  • popfun pop array, if last element is function
  • pushup copy files to S3
  • scrim scrape image URIs from HTML
  • showf show filenames of changed files in latest commit
  • starget download images from starred Google Reader items
  • stread stream string
  • tubule copy files from URI stream

Packages Starred by michaelnisi

  • bouncy route incoming http requests to http servers
  • event-stream construct pipes of streams of events
  • fleet command a cluster of processes
  • fstream Advanced file system stream things
  • mkdirp Recursively mkdir, like `mkdir -p`
  • request Simplified HTTP request client.
  • seaport service registry and port assignment for clusters
  • st A module for serving static files. Does etags, caching, etc.
  • tap A Test-Anything-Protocol library
  • through simplified stream contsruction
  • trumpet parse and transform streaming html using css selectors
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