Packages by willwhite

  • markers Simple markers for Modest Maps
  • mmg Simple markers for Modest Maps
  • morton Calculate morton numbers and Z-order codes
  • tilemill-autopilot UI for common map designs.
  • sphericalmercator Transformations between the Web Mercator projection and Latitude Longitude coordinates
  • elastisnap Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) rotating snapshots.
  • backbone-dirty
  • tilelive-file Reads/writes tiles and grids from/to the filesystem. This module is intended to be used with [tilelive.js](https://github.com/mapbox/tilelive.js).
  • bones-auth User model with password based authentication for Bones.
  • srs Spatial reference library for node
  • bones-document
  • carto Mapnik Stylesheet Compiler
  • millstone Prepares datasources in an MML file for consumption in Mapnik
  • yphase Extendible scripting with YAML config files.
  • zipfile C++ library for handling zipfiles in node
  • tilelive-s3 tilelive-s3 ----------- Extends `node-tilejson` for using S3 as a tilejson backend.
  • tilemill A modern map design studio.
  • bones-admin
  • backbone-stash
  • henry Agent for updating temporary credentials using AWS Security Token Service.
  • and 31 more
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